Cell Phones In The Classroom Observations

Cleveland School’s has found a noticeable increase in cell phone usage and distraction in students in the classroom. As we look out for the WHOLE Student we have made some noticeable observations. Healthy limitations on screen time make a difference. Less distractions in class make a difference. Talk to your Tiger Student today.

  • In one study, done in 2019 pre-COVID, college students who put cell phones away during a lecture and did not retrieve them scored on average ½ a letter grade better than their peers
  • Other research has found correlations between smartphone dependency and lower academic performance, and increased anxiety (National Library of Medicine)
  • A small study done with students in the UK showed that every 100 minutes that a student spent using their phone a day lead to the student dropping 6.3 places in terms of their academic school ranking. This effect was doubled when the students used their phone whilst actually in class.
  • Nationwide 77% of teachers in 2019 said that student cell phone usage in class was a distraction to student learning.
  • The average teenager looks at their phone once every 7 minutes. That would be over 60 times before they left the school day.