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Cleveland, OK 74020

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Tiger Valley Micro-Society

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Craig EllisPrincipal
Holly RhoadsAssistant Principal
Shelly BullerCounselor
Kayla AllenScience
Nicole AsayBand
Benjamin CustarMath
Beverly DaughertyMath
Jordan DeroinHealth
Cynthia DresbackEnglish
Kelby EdensPE
Rusty FergusonSocial Studies
Paul FussVoAg
Clinton HillSocial Studies
April ImlerLibrarian
Nic JohnsonBand
Beverly KinmanMath
Samy MackSocial Studies
Melanie McKinneyEnglish
Noel NationScience
Tracy PetersonMath
Stephanie PriceMath
Jo ReddellEnglish
Ben RoePE
Logan SchultzSocial Studies
Lauren StanleyScience
Bryan TillSocial Studies
Angela TuckerEnglish
Daniel WhiteheadVocal Music
Rachel WilliamsMath



Middle School Student Council is a group of elected students who lead the student body, organize school events, and serve the community. These young leaders promote school spirit, which influences our school’s culture. Student Council makes CMS a better place! 


Cleveland Middle School FCA is an organization that welcomes all students in the middle school, not just athletes. The purpose for FCA is to lead every coach, athlete, and student into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the presentation of the Gospel. Games are played to increase fellowship and guest speakers are brought in to lead short bible studies.


Being a member of the Cleveland Middle School Academic Team is a prestigious honor. These teams represent part of our Gifted & Talented program.  Cleveland Middle School’s Academic Team participates in both the competitive traditional buzzer game and the online testing format in which students debate and discuss their answer choices within the allotted time limit in the following subject areas – Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Arts & Humanities. The Middle School team is comprised of a 6th team, which is known as the Upper Elementary Level team and a 7th/8th team which is known as the Mid-Level team. 


SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Promise Clubs are a place for young people across the country to show their leadership, creativity and passion for protecting their friends, schools and communities from violence BEFORE it happens. SAVE Promise Clubs are established and led by students and are a powerful approach to preventing gun violence (and other forms of violence and victimization) because they recognize the unique role that young people play in making their schools and communities safer.