HOMECOMING is September 22-23 2023!

Homecoming Coronation and Game are 9 22 starting at six thirty p m. Pioneer day festivities are 9 23

Homecoming in Cleveland means a return home for alumni. Homecoming is when we remind ourselves what it means to be a part of the Tiger Family. A Family that is full of athletes, musicians, debaters, farmers, business professionals, scholars, artists, and so much more. The WHOLE Tiger Family uses our Homecoming events as a reason to descend on our community for a weekend to celebrate the Cleveland of yesterday and today. Homecoming is so much more than an individual sport or a singular group of students. Homecoming is about every member of our Tiger Family — young and old — athlete, mathlete, or artist.

Which is why Cleveland Schools is widening the focus and impact of Homecoming now and in the future. Each season, Fall and Spring, Cleveland Schools and its student body will crown a King and Queen from a pool of representatives from EVERY sport and student organization. We are excited to unveil our new Homecoming celebration as we welcome ALL Members of our Tiger Family back to the community Friday September 22nd for our WHOLE STUDENT Homecoming Celebration and football game and Pioneer Day Festivities on Saturday.