Cleveland School Inclement Weather Responses

Winter Weather Ahead

As winter weather begins to rear its ugly head, we wanted to inform you of the options that are considered as a response to inclement weather inside our school district boundary. These options can range from the complete closure of campus and activities, to a delayed start of school, or to distance learning. As always you you will receive Remind messages, Social Media Posts, and Local News Banners in the event of a response needed for inclement weather. We wanted to outline these responses options and describe them to you in more detail.

Campus Closure/Snow Day – Over half of our students get to school on a bus. In the event our busses are unable to safely pick up students in the majority of our district we have no choice but to close our campus for the day and implement a “Snow Day”. A “Snow Day” will have to be made up at a later date.

Delayed Start Day – In the event winter weather occurs overnight and it is unsafe to travel when our busses run their routes beginning at 6:00am, but the road conditions will quickly improve with sunlight and traffic, we will implement a “Delayed Start Day” where our school day would start at 10:00am (with doors opening at 9:45am), with busses routes being run exactly 2 hours later than normal. For example if your bus picks you up during the 7:00am-7:05am window you should expect to be picked up at 9:00am-9:05am. This day would not have to be made up at a later date.

Snow Route Only Pick Up – In many situations there have been sizeable portions of our bussing district drivable, but sections of each route on less trafficked or heavily shaded roads would not be accessible. Then we would implement a “snow route only pick up day”. School would start at its regular time, and snow route pickup locations would be centrally located and can be found on our website. This day would not have to be made up at a later date. Snow route information can be found at the bottom of this post.

Distance Learning – In recent past we have implemented “Distance Learning Days” in response to inclement weather, while this is still a possibility, it would be a last resort. Student assignments would be located on Google Classroom for older students and via Remind for younger students. This day would not have to be made up at a later date.

As always the best way to stay informed during these times is to watch for Remind messages, the school’s website – – and our social media pages.

NOTE: This message is for information purposes only. A separate message will be sent in the event we need to modify our day.