High School Yearbook Sales

High School Yearbooks are on sale now and will be sold throughout the school year! The earlier you buy, the more you save! 

Aug. 24 – Oct. 13: $35 per book 

Oct. 14 – Jan.  24: $45 per book

Jan. 25 – May 5: $55 per book 

Yearbooks may be purchased with credit/debit cards or PayPal, including PayPal’s “Pay in 4” feature, online at yearbookordercenter.com. Be sure to use the order number 17037 to “Start A New Order”. Orders can also be submitted to Ms. Ingalls at the HS if you would like to purchase with cash or check. Please make checks payable to “CHS Yearbook.” 

All yearbooks will be personalized with the student’s name and is included in the price of the yearbook. 

Information for Advertisers

If you would like information on purchasing general advertising space please contact Ms. Ingalls

Information for Seniors

Senior Forms: Digital forms will be sent via email to seniors. Forms are due to Ms. Ingalls on or before November 19. 

Who’s Who Winners: The Who’s Who nomination time frame will be announced in morning announcements and by Mrs. Smith in Senior English classes. Once nominations are counted, an announcement will be made for Seniors to vote. Winners will be announced a week after voting. 

Senior Ad Pages: 

Price List: 

¼ page: $40.00 Two photos and two messages 

½ page: $75.00 Three messages and four photos not including background photo 

Full page: $150.00 Up to four messages and six photos not including background photo 

Payments may be made in installments and may be paid for by more than one person i.e. multiple family members may wish to each pay part of the ad cost. I will be glad to work with you. 

Senior ads may be purchased until January 18, 2021. Ad purchases cannot be accepted after January 18th to allow adequate time to design ads and have them approved as necessary. All materials will be due at the time of purchase. Materials are preferred to be digital and e-mailed to lanaingalls@clevelandtigers.com. Please include your student’s name and “Senior Ad” in the subject line as well as any special instructions for the ad in your email. 

In order to create Senior Ad pages that are readable, clear, and attractive, we have set the following guidelines for senior ad materials: 

  • Messages MUST be limited to no more than 30 words each. 
  • Photos should be chosen with care. Choose photos without watermarks. 
  • If there is a specific way you would like the page designed, please send a description along with your digital files of photos and text.  If you would like to look at the page before it is finalized, please include the best way to contact you. 
  • Parents and students may look at their senior ads during the design process. To ensure that your child’s ad is what you want, parents are encouraged to look at their ad at least once before publication. 
  • Parents may design and submit senior ads for their child; however, the yearbook staff cannot guarantee clarity of the image. If they design their own ad, parents are responsible for making sure their page is complete and meets school appropriate guidelines. 

Senior Photos: All Seniors will take a cap and gown photo with Ruth Kelly studios for the panel used at graduation and that will be displayed in the hall. For the panel photos only, Boys MUST wear a collared shirt and tie. White shirts with dark ties are preferred. Girls should wear their hair down so they can wear their caps correctly. Also, girls should wear a tank top under their school clothes or bring one in which to change to wear under the cap and gown. To be on the panel, seniors must take a cap and gown photo. No nose rings in photos. The plastic clear studs allowed in the student handbook are acceptable for cap and gown photos. Unnatural hair color is not permitted in cap and gown photos. 

Seniors may also take a casual senior photo with Ruth Kelly that may be used as their senior photo in the yearbook. Students may also provide us with a photo taken by another professional photographer. Keep in mind when you are submitting a senior photo for the yearbook that head shots, from the shoulders up, are best. Full body shots are harder to see in the yearbook. All photos MUST be school appropriate. Senior portraits from a photographer other than Ruth Kelley are due by January 18. Keep in mind that if your child is taking seasonal photos, we may need a photo for the yearbook before they take their senior photos. Please take a Ruth Kelly photo in that case or choose another photo to submit. 

Baby Pictures: If you choose to submit a baby picture for the baby picture page, these will need to be turned in on or before November 1. Digital photos are preferred, but we can accommodate hard copies (paper photos) as well. All digital photos should be submitted to lanaingalls@clevelandtigers.com. The digital file name should indicate the student’s name and the photo i.e. First Last Baby Photo.jpg. Baby photos received after November 1 may NOT be included on the Baby Photo page. It is incredibly important that baby photos are submitted on time. Formatting them in the yearbook takes a great deal of time, and we cannot sandwich them in at the last minute. Digital baby photos must be in the correct format or they may not be included in the yearbook: either .jpeg or .pgn. We CANNOT use .pdf files for any photos or ads in the yearbook. 

Senior Quotes: We will make every effort to include senior quotes under the student’s senior photo in the yearbook. To that end, quotes must be 20 words or less. Quotes must be school appropriate. The yearbook adviser and high school principal reserve the right to deny any quote, in particular any quote deemed to be obscene, profane, malicious, or mean-spirited. Quotes that violate school profanity rules will be handed over to the vice principal. Seniors are encouraged to create their own original quote that celebrates their experience, friends, and accomplishments at CHS. QUOTES TO AVOID: “the senior quote was due today?”; inside jokes; references to time cues in a song or tv show i.e. we will not include the quote from The Office that refers to “burning the place down.” ALL senior quotes should be submitted on the digital senior form. Quotes are optional, and students do not have to submit them. Please do not leave quotes on my desk. They may get lost. 


Baby pictures due November 1 

Ruth Kelly School Day and Casual Seniors Photos September 23

Ruth Kelly School Day and Casual Senior Retakes 

AND Ruth Kelly Cap and Gown Photos November 4

Ruth Kelly Cap and Gown retakes    December 9 

Senior Ad & Senior Portrait deadline January 18 


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Ingalls.