Student Leader Proposes Water Bottle Filling Station To Board

Chelsey Hughes Presents to the board
Senior Chelsey Hughes presents a plan to place new water filling stations to the Board of Education

Student leader Chelsey Hughes presented a proposal to the Board of Education during their regular monthly meeting for the District to replace several of the drinking fountains in the High School with new, “water filling stations” in an effort to help improve the school’s environmental impact by reducing the number of plastic bottles destined for landfills.

The system Ms. Hughes advocated for would allow students and staff to refill any type of personal sized water bottle, which would reduce the number of single use containers being placed into the trash. “It is a fact that plastic water bottles can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose. By purchasing water bottles on the daily we are not only hurting our pockets but also the environment” she said in her written statement she presented.  Additionally, she stated, “In the last couple of years Cleveland has been through many upgrades to make the school a brighter and friendlier place.  Upgrading the water fountains would just add to that new and improved look”.

Dr. Espolt commended her for taking the initiative to make Cleveland a better place and being a part of the solution.  Through the board’s approval of the consent agenda, the money was approved to purchase the new water fountains and we look forward to the improved offerings very soon.

Thank you Chelsey!


An example of a proposed drinking and bottle refill station
An example of a proposed drinking and bottle refill station