Infinite Campus Update

We are coming to the end of our first year with Infinite Campus and it has been a wild ride. Thank you all for your patience and grace as we have transition to this new platform. We continue to work in the system every day to make it better for all of us who rely on it for information.

A common theme the last several weeks has been parents needing access to the Parent Portal who, for many reasons, may not have an account yet or have one, but can’t find the information to get back into the system.

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To that end, invites are sent via email and arrive from “” OR “” weekly, or more often, inviting parents to connect to the service using a website and code. If you haven’t signed up yet please look in your spam folder in your email client or other areas where email may have been directed, bypassing your inbox. If you are using a Yahoo account you especially need to be watching other folders other than your inbox.

If you don’t see evidence of an invite, you may be one of the 429 guardians in the district who we do not have a good email address for in our system. If you believe your email address may be wrong or it has changed recently, please contact the buildings where you have a student and work with them to update your information. If you have access to old accounts you will want to check those also for notifications

If there is a chance you may have an Infinite Campus account and never used it after you got it set up back in September, please check out these links:

The Parent Portal web site is located at:

Please check to see if your browser remembers your information or not to gain access. If it does not, there are two links below the password box to help you find your username and password.

Username recovery link:

Password recovery link:

When using these links, they will send an email to verify your information to the email we have on file in the system. Be sure to check your accounts, and spam folders.

If you don’t receive an email, please submit a help desk ticket at and we will get back with you via email from Again, check your spam or other folders for emails that may be bypassing your inbox.

If you run into an issue with the help desk, please send an email directly to


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