Special Board Meeting 8/11/2020

We will be hosting a special board meeting on August 11th, 7:00 pm in the Event Center. One item on the agenda is the discussion of a proposal to mandate masks for certain grade levels and all staff on campus.  Our full face-covering procedure and rationale will be discussed during the meeting. We will post the outcomes of this agenda item after the meeting.

We know this discussion, as with so many others we have all had over the last several months, is important and we want to allow our board and administration the time to discuss and deliberate the best course forward for our district as we start school.

We all have had opinions one way or another on this topic. Because of this, we want to remind those who choose to attend the meeting on the 11th, state law dictates no comment, question, or discussion is allowed from the general public attending board meetings except during the designated public comments portion as outlined by board policy which is a 30 minute allotted time, with a 5 minute maximum time per individual. If you would like the opportunity to address the board during this time, you must register prior to the start of the meeting with the board clerk. The list will be followed in order of signup. Once the thirty minutes has expired, the time for public comment will be closed and the meeting will proceed regardless of if there are names left on the list who haven’t gotten a chance to speak.

If you would like to have your comments submitted to the board in writing prior to the meeting you can submit them at https://forms.gle/8hbLc1QWFZsaCWga9

Survey closes at 12:30 pm 8/11/2020

Data collected:

84 Total submissions
1 case of duplication
1 no comment left
82 quality comments
64 (78%) submissions lean against a mask mandate
18 (22%) submissions lean for a mask mandate