Social Media Incident ~ Information from the Superintendent

Tiger Family,

I am writing to give an update on our lockdown situation this morning, April 6th.  A student notified an administrator of a post on social media app SnapChat.  In the post, there was a person holding an assault rifle with a threat naming CPS.  The Cleveland Police Department was called and we went into lockdown.  It was determined that the post originated last year from New Mexico.  

Shortly after, we received a phone call at the middle school with an alleged threat tied to the social media post.  We locked down our middle school while that alleged threat was investigated.  

Cleveland Police have investigated all rumored threats and lockdowns were lifted around lunch time.  We eventually determined that other schools throughout the state that begin with the letter C saw the post and have taken similar precautions as us. There is no credible threat to Cleveland High School, Cleveland Middle School or any other school site.  However, with an abundance of caution, the campus will remain on Secure status for the remainder of the day with a few security additions. 

As always, safety is our number one priority.  We take all rumors seriously and involve law enforcement immediately.  We intend to take any necessary precautions to keep our students and staff safe.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we thoroughly investigated the situation.  Our students were calm and helpful and did a great job.  We appreciate Chief Stout and local law enforcement for their timely response and thoroughness.  

Thank you,

Alan Baker

Cleveland Superintendent