Oklahoma Education Funding and Our Plan

On March 26th, 2018 the Board of Education voted unanimously to suspend school on April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to support teachers and students in supporting a call to increase funding for Oklahoma education. We assure you this decision was not made hastily, only after extensive review by the board. There is a link to the presentation exhibited to the board by Superintendent Aaron Espolt at the bottom of this post containing information regarding education funding at the state and local level.

During this same evening, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed revenue bill 79-19. From the press information being released (CCOSA and OSSBA), it will give an average $6,000 teacher raise, over $1,200 support staff raise, and operational expenses. This can always change as it goes through the political process, but this is what we know as of now. The bills will next be heard in the Oklahoma Senate as the Legislators push to get it done before April 2nd. If the bills related to school funding pass and the Governor signs the legislation prior to March 30th, 2018, we will not suspend school in April and we will follow the school calendar as it is now.

If these funding bills do not pass, we will suspend school starting on April 2nd through April 4th. It will be a three-day suspension. After the three days, there will be a rolling delegation of staff allowed to go to the capital on behalf of the district to promote increased funding for Oklahoma education.

These three days off will need to be made up. To do this, we will use the two remaining snow days from the school calendar scheduled for April 13th and 27th which will extend the year to go to school on Friday, May 11th. This will still conclude school prior to graduation on Saturday, May 12th.

If we are shut down for three days:

1) We will still provide child nutrition services for all students at the Middle School during the suspension. Breakfast will still be offered from 7:30 to 9:00 AM and Lunch will be available from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

2) We will still hold to the schedule for extra-curricular activities. Practice times could be impacted. Coaches and Sponsors will let students know directly of those changes.

3) The ACT test will still be offered to all Juniors and Seniors who are interested on April 3rd. Breakfast and Lunch will be available at the High School for test takers.

We are making one change regardless of if we are out or not for these three days. PreK and Kindergarten enrollment will be on Thursday, April 5th and 6th, as well as April 9th and 10th from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM At the Primary School.

More information will follow as the need arises.

Board Presentation Slide Show