Friday the 13th Covid Update

As the last 7 days at CPS has been a bit of a whirlwind and we wanted to keep our Tiger Family appraised of our current situation in regards to COVID-19. First and foremost, we are announcing the Middle School will be joining the High School in Distanced Learning next week (11/16-11/20).  Secondly, we have… Continue Reading Friday the 13th Covid Update

Monday’s Covid Update

Cleveland Public School parents, staff and community members: Like many schools across the state, we were notified of more positive cases of COVID-19 over the last 72 hours.  Since Friday, we have been informed of 6 more students who have tested positive for the virus.  5 of these students were in Cleveland High School and… Continue Reading Monday’s Covid Update

Friday HS Covid Update

As we announced earlier this week, Cleveland High School has experienced numerous positive COVID-19 cases.  Currently, we have identified 10 active positive cases from the High School and have conducted contact tracing.  Additionally, we have 9 other staff members at the high school under quarantine, including most of our administration and front office staff.  Primarily… Continue Reading Friday HS Covid Update

Covid-19 Update

Cleveland Public School parents, staff and community members: We have had four confirmed positive cases in our schools this week.  These were all separate incidents.  While we must protect the privacy of the people involved, we believe it is best to communicate transparently with you so you can make well-informed decisions for your family.  As… Continue Reading Covid-19 Update

Veteran’s Day Information

Veteran’s Day Parade Wednesday, Nov. 11th 10:00 a.m. Starts at Arlington Park We would like to honor our local veterans in a reverse parade on Nov. 11th.  Veterans and families will meet at Arlington Park where the Cleveland MS and HS choir will sing a tribute in their honor.  Afterward, the students in the Cleveland… Continue Reading Veteran’s Day Information

Interested in Foster Care?

NOTE: From time to time we are asked to pass along information from other Oklahoma Government Agencies. If you have questions or want to participate in the foster care program, please use the contact information below. On any given day, over 8,000 children in the State of Oklahoma are in OKDHS custody. Children need to… Continue Reading Interested in Foster Care?

Future weather related closure information

*This is not a closure announcement. Our school calendar allows us to transition any cancellation of on-campus classes to a distance learning day. Such circumstances could be; inclement weather, water line breaks, or viral spread. As we enter Fall/Winter in Oklahoma, this scenario will include any future “snow day.” In the event we close school… Continue Reading Future weather related closure information

Flu Immunization Clinic Scheduled

We have partnered with The Oklahoma Caring Van and will be providing free flu immunizations for our students on November 5th. A parent or guardian must complete and return the required paperwork prior to the event if the student is to receive the immunization. Students will be bringing home a copy of the paperwork next… Continue Reading Flu Immunization Clinic Scheduled