We have rolled out our new Parent Portal system hosted by Infinite Campus.  We appreciate your patience while we continue our transition to this new platform.

If you are already enrolled in the Parent Portal OR you have received a welcome email from the school you can proceed to the Portal website.

If you can not access your new account after you received your enrollment email OR you haven’t received an email OR you are having issues of some other kind, submit a work ticket and ask for assistance, making sure to select “Parent Portal” so your request gets directed where it needs to go.  Also, when submitting a ticket, please make sure the email address you provide is the one we have on record.  Ticket requests for the parent portal from unknown addresses will be ignored.  If you do not know what address we have for you or you need to update it, please contact the building your child is attending and work directly with it’s staff to update your records.


    • I’ve looked several times for an email but I never received one.
      What we are finding is some services, especially Yahoo and Yahoo based email platforms such as sbcglobal and att.net addresses, are prone to identifying our enrollment notification messages as SPAM. Be sure to look wherever your service puts spam messages for an email with the subject line “NEW CPS Parent Portal Account Activation…” from DONOTREPLY@clevelandtigers.com.  As a preventative measure for future notifications, you might “White List” a-team@clevelandtigers.com so messages from this address can skip the spam filter.
    • Will I need to re-enroll at the beginning of next school year to continue to use this service?
      Not at all. Your enrollment in the program will not change unless it is requested or you no longer have a student enrolled. Even if you leave the district for awhile and then come back, as long as you let us know you are re-enrolling, your old username and password should still work!
    • Will this service work on my cell phone?
      Yes. (Unless its a flip-phone or it still has a physical, pull-out antenna on it.)
    • Is there an app?
      YES! You can search for and download the “Campus Parent App” by Infinite Campus in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    • Can I transfer money to my student’s lunch account with this app?
      We are happy to say the answer to this is yes!  You can use a Visa, Mastercard, Discover card or an E-Check to make a payment via the website or the app.  There are fees associated with the transactions and you will see those at checkout.  We are still currently adjusting fees as we try to get them as low as possible.
    • Do I need a username and password for each kid I have enrolled?
      No. One username and password should allow you to see all of your enrolled students regardless of grade level. If you don’t see one of your students when you log in, please let us know and we will work with you to correct the issue.
    • After I log into the system, I don’t see my student. What do I do?
      The best thing to do to start with is to submit a work ticket describing your issue and providing us with enough information to look into the problem. Full names of both you and the student, as well as the student’s grade, would be a minimum amount of information we could start with.  We may need to follow up with you as sometimes we can not fulfil requests without the appropriate paperwork.
    • My student turned in an assignment today. Why is there not a grade for it in the portal yet?
      Assigning grades to completed work takes time. After an assignment is turned in it may take a day or three for the teacher to get the grade put into the system.
    • I’m Divorced. Will my ex be able to have access as well?
      Yes and in some cases, No. Where the court has spoken, we will listen. If the non-custodial parent still has court protected rights to the student then the answer is Yes. If those rights have been fully revoked by the court for any reason or duration then the answer is no.  We will require the court documents removing the parent’s rights for our records.
    • I’m Divorced. Will my new spouse be able to have access as well?
      Yes, however, there are things from the biological parent we will need in order to grant access.  The marriage certificate doesn’t automatically grant access to all student records.


If you have questions or need support after you have enrolled please submit a ticket.  Be sure to use the contact information we have on record for you.   If we can not verify your information we will not respond.