Cleveland Personalized Academic Center / CPAC


  • Provide students with access to blended learning regardless of time
  • Provide high-quality courses for all students through blended learning
  • Utilize the power of technology to customize education so that students may learn in their own style preference and at their own pace
  • Utilize technology to remove the constraints of a traditional classroom. This allows students to access learning at any time and in any place, giving the flexibility to take advantage of their peak learning time
  • Provide personalized learning where students can spend as much time as needed to master the material
  • Provide greater access to self-paced programs enabling high-achieving students to accelerate academically, while struggling students have additional time and help to gain competency;
  • Allow students to customize their schedule to better meet their academic goals; and
  • Provide quality-learning options to better prepare students for post-secondary education and career opportunities.

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