• We are very fortunate to be able to offer so many learning opportunities and experiences for our students.  In the 12 days leading up to Christmas break, we would like to take time to remember our blessings and countdown just some of the opportunities students, families, staff and the community have by being a part of CPS.

Day 12 ~ CPAC

Current CPS students taking advantage of the Cleveland Personal Academic Center.
Current CPS students taking advantage of the Cleveland Personal Academic Center. program.

Cleveland Personal Academic Center (CPAC) is a virtual learning environment where students use technology to access self-paced instruction.  This type of environment allows students to have a flexible schedule that fits their individual needs.

CPAC is open from 7am to 4pm, which is longer than the traditional building, allowing these students the ability to adapt their school schedule to fit with work schedules or other outside conflicts.  This gives a student needing to take college course work in the morning, or to attend work in the afternoon the ability to do so.  This also gives students the ability to attend for the required 6 ½ hours school day to stay on track for ontime graduation.

“Giving our students the ability to customize the way they learn, at their pace and on their schedule is very rare for public schools and something that we take great pride in at Cleveland Schools.”  ~ Alan Baker, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

CPAC uses an accredited computer program which is the same type of offering that online schools use.  The difference is CPAC offers full and part time certified teachers to serve as mentors and tutors who are available in person to help our students.  We have found this model has met the needs of our virtual learners and still allows for the guidance of great teachers.

This program is a choice we offer to students as an alternative to going to a complete virtual environment.  Our program has grown from 30 students initially to over 70 students now in a little over a year and it’s proving to be very successful in providing flexibility and a rigorous academic program.  By being self-paced, it has led to many students finishing their high school requirements ahead of schedule so they can begin their next stage of their academic life early as well as allowed students to catch up and graduate on time if they had a few missteps early in their high school career.  Cleveland Public Schools is proud to offer such a quality program that meets the needs of our students.

If you would like more information about CPAC please visit http://www.clevelandtigers.com/cpac/