Cleveland Virtual Academy

We are excited to start this Fall just as we always do, with students and teachers filling our halls, classes, and fields. We know the vast majority of students excel in our traditional buildings.  Unfortunately, as a result of Covid-19, many families find themselves in circumstances that require greater flexibility. If you are thinking about transitioning your child to an online school this fall, we encourage you to consider our virtual programs, CPAC and CVA.

We have expanded educational opportunities to accommodate the growing needs of students and families. Cleveland’s 9th-12th CPAC (Cleveland Personalized Academic Center) and our K-12th CVA (Cleveland Virtual Academy) are innovative programs designed to serve students who benefit from a customized, virtual education solution. 

While the district has offered online courses for more than a decade, these newer programs provide participating students with the flexibility to complete all of their coursework outside the traditional school building or blend their learning experience by attending some classes at school. CPAC and CVA students also have the unique opportunity to participate in on-site extracurricular activities, including our athletic teams, fine-arts programs, and vocational agriculture programs.

The free, online education opportunity aligns with Oklahoma Academic Standards and offers a self-paced education option for K-12 students. Highly qualified, certified teachers provide online instruction and work closely with students and parents to customize lessons as needed.

If you would like to be considered for CPAC or CVA for the upcoming school year please fill out the applications.

If you would like more information or to schedule a time to talk about the Virtual Academy please contact Sol Bayouth using the form below.

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