“If you see something… Say something”

A statement regarding a threat reported on 4/22/2019

Around 5:15 PM on 4/22/2019 a concerned citizen brought a potential threat to the District to our attention involving a minor expressing the desire to do harm on school grounds via social media. The district immediately involved law enforcement and we began aiding their investigation into the situation.

The initial stages of their investigation concluded around 1:00 AM on 4/23/2019 after a minor was taken into custody by police, allowing us to begin our day normally. We are still in contact with law enforcement as they continue working the case.

We want to say a big thank you to the community for being actively involved in this situation. We firmly believe in the mantra “If you see something… Say something” and encourage everyone to continue to be vigilant. This early report helped the District and the Cleveland Police Department immensely in bringing a peaceful resolution to a potential issue.

We also want to thank the Cleveland Police Department for their efforts in bringing a quick resolution to this situation. We are truly grateful to be able to partner with them in the protection of our students.

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