We are very fortunate to be able to offer so many learning opportunities and experiences for our students.  In the 12 days leading up to Christmas break, we would like to take time to remember our blessings and countdown just some of the opportunities students, families, staff and the community have by being a part of CPS.

Day 7 ~  Tiger Valley

Four years ago, Cleveland Middle School implemented a program to help show students what it takes to make a community work.   The Tiger Valley Micro Society covers many aspects of community such as running a government, banking, the court system and police, paying taxes, buying supplies, developing and running a business, or being an employee.

The orderly running of Tiger Valley starts in the government where students are learning to communicate with citizens to find out their concerns and make laws that positively impact their society.  The court system and police officers are learning what it means to uphold those laws and how to implement them through the perspective to keep peace in the community as a whole.

Economic development begins with the central bank.  The bank is in charge of approving  business loans, cashing checks, exchanging Tiger Valley money, and establishing criteria for allowing citizens to take out personal loans.  Business owners are required to put together business plans describing what their goals are and to establish a startup budget to request from the bank.   Once funded the owners can begin ordering supplies, hiring employees, and setting up a store in the marketplace.   Employees learn the steps to applying for a job and following up the hiring process with a good work ethic, diligence, and responsibility.  

We are thankful for all the life skills our Middle school students are learning while they are in Tiger Valley.  We believe the students will be able to look back and see what a difference it has made in their lives and be thankful as well.