5/20/2019 7:02 PM Update: With the cancellation or the Tornado Warning we are closing the Shelter as of 7:05 PM. We are continuing to monitor the weather and will reopen if necessary.

5/20/2019 5:29PM update: We are opening the shelter at 5:38 PM


If the weather turns tornadic as this day progresses, the district will open the storm shelter located in the new edition of the Primary School. Please watch the bottom of this page and Facebook for when the shelter will be open.

We believe providing shelter for the general public when we can is secondary only to protecting our students during the school year. Because students are out of school, we are staffed today, and weather conditions could warrant it, we believe we can safely open our facilities to the public if it becomes necessary.

If you feel you need to utilize this service please DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DECIDE. Allow yourself plenty of time to park your vehicle and walk to the handicapped accessible entrance located on the North-West corner of the building.

Please stay safe and weather aware!

Shelter Entrance at the Primary School located on North West corner of building
Primary Shelter Entrance

6 hours ago

Cleveland Tigers


Smiles everyone smiles! 😃

Hey #ClevelandTigers what 1980’s television 📺 show coined that phrase?

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17 hours ago

Cleveland Tigers

Remember when these fourth grade #ClevelandTigers finished the year with some great relay races?

Egg 🥚
relay, gunny sack relay, and hoopla hoop relay were among the favorites. 🏃🏽‍♂️

We hope you have warmed up a bit from that cold last day of school! ☀️

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