CVA & On-Campus Enrollment Intent for 2021

We are almost there! The end of 2020!!!! It has definitely been a wild ride! 

We want you to be fully aware of what COVID has looked like on our campus since students returned in August.  Since students returned to campus on August 13th, the average HS student has spent 15-20 days of school participating in distance learning. The average elementary student has spent 6 to 10 days of school participating in distance learning.  Choosing to do virtual school for a semester means 80 days of distance learning.  We know many are tired and worn out from the quarantining and jumping back and forth. However, when thinking about quality time in front of an educator even 3 rounds of quarantine (approx 30 days of distance learning) is much less than 80 days of distance learning.

Many have expressed interest in coming back to the traditional learning model on campus to start the Spring Semester.  We also know a new year marks new interest for some who may be considering transitioning students into our virtual program. Either way, we look forward to serving you and would love to work with you to meet your needs the best we can.

In order to accommodate the number of expected transitions between the district’s learning options, we are asking families to decide on a transition back to the building or to virtual learning by December 11th.

By December 11th please notify your child’s school building at (918)358-2210 of any intent to transition to a new learning option, whether it be On-Campus or our Virtual Academy.

You do not need to do anything if no changes in placement are being made. We have you covered already!

Even in 2020, every day is an awesome day to be a Cleveland Tiger!