Back to School Information for Monday 11/30

HS and MS A/B Schedule 11/30 – 12/17

After reviewing our current staffing and Covid numbers we believe we can implement the plans we laid out a couple of weeks ago. In order to help students be able to socially distance as much as possible, we will be implementing an A/B schedule for MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS as planned.  The schedule was determined by the last name of the Primary Guardian we have listed in our system.

IS and PS Schedule 11/30 – 12/17

The Intermediate and Primary schools will be back on campus Monday as normal. 

After Hours & Weekend COVID-19 Alert Hotline: 918-358-2210 ext 240

In order to make informed decisions as quickly as possible, we continue to need valid and timely information. Please call our COVID hotline and leave a message any weekday from 4:30 pm – 7:00 am, any weekend, and all holiday breaks if you suspect your student is showing symptoms or has come into close contact with someone who is.  When calling, please leave the following information: Student Name, Student Status (contact, awaiting test results, or COVID Positive), day symptoms appeared (if applicable), and a callback number.


We believe this information will help enable us to keep our staff, and students informed and as safe as possible. Thank you for working with us to help make this possible.

Breakfast/Lunch Take Home for High School Modified Schedule (11/30 – 12/17).

Students will be able to take 3 meals home with them on their first day of school for the week. Group A will take home 3 meals on Monday. Group B will take home 3 meals on Tuesday.


All sports, band, choir, Ag, and other extracurricular activities will continue.  On Distance Learning days, students are still allowed to come participate in extracurriculars.  However, on your Distance Learning Day transportation will not be provided and those absences will not be held against you.

Votech at Drumright Students with A/B Schedule

AM Tech students on their DL days will NOT be given transportation home from tech. PM Tech students on their DL will NOT be given transportation to the tech bus. Votech is aware of our transition and will allow students to complete coursework at home on their Distance Learning days, if they are unable to get to Tech.