No School 1/16/2018

Due to the high number of confirmed flu cases in our elementary building and the prediction of hazardously cold weather conditions, Cleveland Public Schools will be closed, January 16, 2018. The district will use this time to continue to deep clean our classrooms, cafeterias and buses. However, if your student is showing flu symptoms at any time, we ask you please keep them home to help us keep the virus from spreading.

All extra-curricular activities are canceled 1/16/2018 also.

Thank you and please stay safe.

Aaron Espolt

Primary Drop Off Temporary Change

Due to construction issues, morning drop off at the Primary School is being temporarily changed for Monday morning, November 27th only,

Parents will be directed to enter off Gilbert as usual and move west using the road between the primary and middle school. Drop off of students will happen at the West end of the road at the awning.  School officials and city police will be on site to help direct traffic.

Please do not drop off at the main entrance. If you enter the Primary school parking lot, you will not be able to exit until after the morning drop off has been completed after 8:15 AM.

Afternoon car line procedures will not be affected.

Graduation Time Is Set!

As the district attempted to find a time that works for graduation, many different factors became involved in making the decision. We understood we were not going to be able to meet everyone’s needs, so we appreciate the suggestion by Project Graduation to survey our stakeholders and go with what works for the majority.

We had almost 300 responses and the winning time was 7:00 pm.  We thank all of you who took the time to vote and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Event Center on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 to wish our Graduates the very best as they start on their new journeys.

The survey results are shown below:

2018 graduation time results showing seven pm as the ceremony start time

2018 Graduation Date Survey

Cleveland Community:

Graduation is a special time when we all share in the accomplishment of young men and women.  While we fundamentally believe this isn’t the end of their educational career, all involved have worked extremely hard to reach this milestone and it should be celebrated.  Cleveland Public Schools is committed to providing the best educational experience possible and we believe this should not change with the last ceremony for our seniors.  

Dating back three years, graduation dates and times have been a challenge to set in order to meet everyone’s needs.  While we understand that we will never be able to accommodate everyone’s schedules, we strive to do everything in our power to set a date and time that works for the majority.  There are many things that are considered in setting the date and time:

  1. Graduating before the last day of school:  While we know many districts do this, we don’t believe it is the best solution for us.  Seniors must attend every day on the school calendar or they would be counted absent.  While many may have the absences to spare and still graduate, the missed days would reflect on all state reporting and accreditation standards.  Additionally, seniors do not finish with graduation, but rather the last day of school.  If they graduate prior to the last day of school it may present an issue.
  2. Graduating on Friday after school is out:  This was traditionally the graduation date until the school calendar changed.  With the district now getting out of school a full week earlier in May, we still have state competitions ongoing during this time.  As a district, we do not want to make our seniors choose between a state competition and graduation.
  3. Sunday following the last day of school:  For the last two years, Graduation Sunday fell on Mother’s Day.  While the Ministerial Alliance has been very gracious in accommodating our Sunday graduation, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback to move graduation off of Mother’s Day.  
  4. The next week following the last week of school:  Again, many districts have graduation the following week, we don’t believe this is the best solution.  Many students immediately leave after graduation for post-secondary work or education and this would require them postponing any plans for another week.  It would also require a longer downtime before the seniors are actually able to complete their ceremony.  
  5. Saturday after the last week of school:  After all the other possibilities were considered and weighed for their merit, the district has decided to have graduation on Saturday following the last week of school.  We sought out input from many different stakeholders and it was agreed that this was the best date.  However, once the district posted the time, it became a point of contention.  Again, we acknowledge that we cannot meet everyone’s needs and there will always be issues with the time.  However, this is only an effort to see what time works for the majority and that is what we will finalize.  

As we make an effort to gain input for the time that works for the majority of students and families, we would like to stress that this isn’t due to one or two families having an issue with the time.  This is an effort to find a time that works and provide an understanding that Cleveland Public Schools listens to our stakeholders.  It is our belief that is we ever find ourselves not engaging the community and acting in their best interest, we make every effort to remind our stakeholders that we are here to serve.

Please assist us in making this the best experience it possibly can be for our seniors and fill out this short survey.  The two choices are 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Saturday, May 12th.  This survey will close on Wednesday at 12:00 pm.  

Take the Survey


Aaron Espolt
Superintendent of Schools

Senior Night

Tonight is Senior Night!  Please join us as tonight at Billy Vessels Memorial Stadium at 7:00 pm as we honor our senior Football, Cheerleader, and Band Students for their years of dedication and hard work to make Friday Nights something special.

At the same time, we want to take the time to thank the parents and guardians of these students for going above and beyond in helping them not only participate, but excel, in their chosen activities.   We genuinely appreciate you for going the extra mile.

We look forward to seeing you there!